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The most indicative metric of a community’s health is the cross-pollination of stakeholders. Etsy sellers buy from other Etsy sellers, Kickstarter creators back other Kickstarter creators, and Meetup attendees start new Meetups.
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Drafting #test #transparentbrand
Jul 12, 2014

Drafting #test #transparentbrand

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11:11 #Emoticon #poetry 🔀💫💢❄️🌋👎⛔️ 🎢💓😡👼🙇😿 👴❤️👵

If my way of life needs changing, 🔀
if the universe needs rearranging. 💫
If your microcosm implodes, 💢
or reality dissolves. ❄️

Maybe the sand timer is up, 🌋
Maybe I’m just out of luck, 👎
Baby don’t put the knife in the toaster, ⛔️
at the peak of the roller coaster, 🎢
when your heart skips that beat, 💓
Denial, defeat or insolvent. 😡
Peace & Enlightenment, 👼
Or silent solitary confinement. 🙇
We all just want the right hand to hold, 😿
in our very last moment.

Jun 23, 2014
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At some point, in life some random day, I’ll wager, never waiver you’ll understand what I say. Definition of an action is movement in play. To analyse that, to be presently aware, to a certain way. You know the situations, you know what to do, ask yourself if I’m talking about you? You need to be real, you need to be true, whispers yourself…, once again, to you. To try not to act, is admittance to game, to acknowledge existence, we can’t all be the same. Well, that depends on your view, your perspective, your plane, your dimensional awareness or something equally insane. There’s a reason sea legs are required for flight, its for rational thinking mid-ocean storm, at night. it’s knowing how to act, to not, start the fight. Illusions are dangerous, now there’s a fact, each days a dice roll… Know how to act.

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Good Guy Sauron

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Darkness on the edge of town, Patrick Joust

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May 19, 2014

A creative perspective on analysis

When you start thinking about your thoughts with the intention of identifying sub-context and foundational micro engines that serve as the structural frameworks for more common emotions, thoughts, habits and concepts to form across. Let’s reduce the dimensional & directional aspects of this blueprint by conceiving water, say of a pond or lake - in winter, the temperature will drop low enough to freeze the surface of the water. On closer inspection we see In many areas the ice begins to form & spread starting with poorly formed & disorganised molecules where the surface tension of the water is the outer shell of the entity. This is the home of quick changes & movement with often drastic variation. With this in mind, the shell of an egg, the surface of water, even us, as the extremities of an entity, we are where the quick changes happen while slow & steady appears to become more prevalent the deeper we travel & observe. Our thoughts are the same. Fleeting thoughts like a swarm of flies can distract you from the inner process that allowed their existence at all. What are your underlying drivers? The earth is a revolving ball of molten lava with an exhilarating outer shell. If you only looked at the surface, you wouldn’t care about the foetus we are protecting inside. 30/12/13

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Surface to Structure: An Origami Exhibition at Cooper Union

#design for #living #nature #balanced #imbalance

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Client: AMI MELAMINE / Agrolinz Melamin GmbH.
Job: Presentation Material, Print Ad’s
Presentation 5 Print ad’s, 3D visuals 
2 x “TRI|ANG|LES, flexible structures for living”
2 x “POLYGONS, flexible structures for living”
Agency: Stockenhuber Design
Designer: Daniela Stockenhuber
Position: Art Director, Creative Director, 3D Artist
Year: 2012